Iyea Brandy, Eds, LAPC
Iyea Brandy, Eds, LAPC
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, Coach

Treats: Teens, young adults, women.

Specialty Areas: ADHD, Neurodiversity, Neurodivergent, Adult Autism, co-dependency, self sabotage, self esteem, self confidence, stress, anxiety, depression, boundaries, parenting, transition.

Licensed in: GA

Are you a young black professional woman who is feeling somewhat shorthanded when it comes the “American Dream” for your marriage and 2.5 children? You’ve lived your whole life by the book and it seems to still not lead you walking down the aisle to your happily ever after. Have you wonder when your person will FINALLY arrive? You’ve probably questioned, “Am I the problem”? It hits even harder when others get the life you want having done half the work you put in. I get it. It’s a lonely feeling to want something that feels almost non-existent. If this seems to fit all that you’ve been feeling lately then I would love to help.

I am most passionate about helping you navigate the dating world more authentically by learning your heart language. My specialty is emotional attunement and anxiety within relationships for black professionals through expressive arts. I’ll process your heart needs that keep you either moving towards relationship or running away from relationship.

I truly understand your desire to be happily ever after and the frustrations of the waiting period. It exposes so many unwanted feelings that makes you feel alone. You’re probably thinking and feeling those emotions right now as you are reading. Let me help position you for a healthy relationship by healing your heart. It’s time! Contact me Today.