Stacey Bessard, LMFT
Stacey Bessard, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Coach

Treats: Adult women, early 20s to mid 40s, pre-marital and couples therapy.

Specialty Areas: Expressive arts, relationship concerns, transitional issues, creatives, anxiety, marital concerns adjustment disorder.

Licensed In: Georgia, Ohio and Florida.

Have you ever had these thoughts? I don’t feel heard. I don’t feel seen. It’s like I am invisible. I feel like I can’t take a break. I feel like everyone is relying on me. I’m just tired. These are statements of vulnerability that I hear daily from women, especially black professional women, holding multiple positions of mom, friend, daughter, wife and sister. But what’s missing in that long list is you. When will you start holding your own position to love you, see you, listen to you and say yes to you?

I am most passionate about helping you navigate pass the surface of your problems to going towards the heart. My specialty is emotional attunement and anxiety within relationships for black professionals through expressive arts. My goal and sole purpose is to allow our therapeutic relationship to be a healing component in your journey to self-love.

Perhaps this is what have led you to my page and website. I get it. This was me not too long ago and I’m not ashamed to say a therapist helped me through it. My goal, at the end of each sessions with you is for you to walk away and say, “I finally see me. I can hear me. I love me and I say yes to me. Contact me today for your next consultation.