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Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, Executive Coach

I followed my passion and graduated from Wake Forest University with a Masters degree in clinical mental health counseling after a 20 year long award winning career in business development and marketing….

Kasey Holyfield MS, LPC, CAMS-II

Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach

My passion is to help aid my clients in identifying who they are, where they are and where they are wanting to get too. I work to help resolve conflict individually, in families, and/or relationships….

Dr. Derek Scott, PhD.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology , Therapist

Dr. Scott consistently demonstrates compassion, patience, competence, and active listening skills in his interaction with his clients. Using cognitive behavioral therapy among other modalities Dr. Scott helps his clients better manage…

Kimberly Chambers, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker, Coach

I work with children, young adults, individuals and families using an eclectic approach tailored to the unique needs of each new client. I have several years of experience in a variety of settings and with diverse clients, including both….

Dyrell Carr, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach

People have always been and continue to be my passion. The desire to help people gain perspective and reach their goals has been the driving force behind my career as a therapist….

Melanie Curtis, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor &  Coach

Are you an individual who is going through a life transition, burnt out, anxious, depressed, feeling blocked, stuck, or insecure, and unsure how to navigate a path forward? …

Deshelle Burrowes, NCC, LPC CLC, CMC-1

Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach

Have you found yourself struggling with your transition into motherhood? Has your life/ relationship changed since giving birth? Are you feeling alone, lost or not like yourself since….

Iyea Brandy, Eds, LAPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach

Are you struggling to find your voice? If you’re ready to take back the wheel and take charge of your life, consider me your co-pilot. I’ll be by your side while you embark on your own unique path.If you’re struggling on your path, you don’t have to go it alone…

Marla States, LCSW, CYC,BA, CWCM

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Coach

I have over 10 years experience working with children, youth and families, as an agent of support and guidance. I have committed life training to serving the needs of assisting and supporting families through difficult and…

Ono- Evwaraye
Onoriode “Ono” Evwaraye, Ph.D., LCSW

Doctor of Counselor Education and Supervision, Therapist, Coach

Therapeutically, Dr. Evwaraye employs an integrative approach that draws heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Systems Theory, and is influenced by social….

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