Dr. Derek Scott, PhD.
Dr. Derek Scott, PhD.
Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Therapist, Coach

Treats: Adults and Young Adults

Specialty Areas: Adjustment Disorder, anxiety and depression.

Licensed In: GA

Dr. Scott consistently demonstrates compassion, patience, competence, and active listening skills in his interaction with his clients. Using cognitive behavioral therapy among other modalities Dr. Scott helps his clients better manage their anxiety and depression. 

Derek obtained his Masters of Science and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Georgia after completing his Bachelors Degree from Morehouse College. 

Dr. Scott is also a successful veteran in the music industry, He has been the standard guitar in the music industry for many years and is revered by all who have had the privilege of working with him. Derek is an Atlanta native who began playing guitar at the early age of 12. Dynamic, precise, and remarkable are just a few of the words that are consistently utilized to describe the guitar artistry of Dr. Derek Scott. 

Pairing his experiences as an artist and his clinical background as a psychologist, gives Dr. Scott a unique way of effectively serving his clients.

When asked about the success he’s been able to attain, he attributes it all to an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and the benevolence of various individuals that allowed him opportunities in both industries.