Melanie Curtis, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor & Coach

Treats: Adults and young adults, early 20s and up.

Specialty Areas: Anger Management, Mood Disorders, Trauma, and life transitions.

Licensed In: Georgia.

Are you an individual who is going through a life transition, burnt out, anxious, depressed, feeling blocked, stuck, or insecure, and unsure how to navigate a path forward? Life takes us on many different journeys throughout the years. Sometimes we are unsure if our next move will be the best move. We sometimes run into detours that knock us off our path, and sometimes life hits hard and knocks us completely off course. The best part is that we can get back on course towards our desired destination. You have the power to heal, evolve, and thrive, and I can help!

Our sessions are collaborative and customized to your unique challenges, strengths, and goals. My areas of clinical focus include life transitions, relationship challenges, depression, anxiety, personal growth, self-esteem, grief/bereavement, trauma, educational/career concerns, stress management, and more.

I really enjoy working with clients who are above all committed and willing to do the work by being honest and taking responsibility for the role they play in their lives.

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