Deshelle Burrowes, NCC, LPC CLC, CMC-1
DeShelle Burrowes, NCC, LPC CLC, CMC-1
Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach

Specialty Areas: High performing WOC who has issues with visibility due to trauma, including but not limited to sexual trauma. These women need a safe space to be heard and feel supported while they process issues with relationships, anxiety and self worth that have taken away confidence in the boardroom and possibly the bedroom as well. I am also certified in Postpartum issues as well.

Licensed In: GA & FL

Have you found yourself struggling with your transition into motherhood? Has your life/ relationship changed since giving birth? Are you feeling alone, lost or not like yourself since starting a new chapter? Well, I am here to help. I enjoy working with women, supporting them through various life stages towards self-realization and more. I realize that many transitions may take a woman out of her comfort zone, feeling as if they are no longer in the driver’s seat of their own lives. Allow me to help you gain perspective and return you back to the head of YOUR life as it should be.

I am a Sex Therapy Trained Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach specializing in working with new Moms and Dads during Postpartum. I support couples in need of understanding and overcoming the trials of marriage and also Women with issues, including sex-related trauma issues, mood disorders, birth and aging.

I assist women to identify their new normal and navigate the changes needed moving forward. I am able to support women through their ever-changing needs as mommy becomes their new moniker or through traumas and/or transitions that have kept them from lasting relationships, finding ways to positively cope moving forward into the amazing life they so deserve.